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Roslindale Arts Alliance will be having a silent art auction to raise money for art scholarships. The silent auction will take place during the 20th Anniversary Celebration of It's All About Arts.
The celebration is planned for Thursday November 9 from 6-9 pm at the Footlight Club in Jamaica Plain.
Details of Celebration

We are seeking art for the auction:
1) All are welcome to participate
2) 2D and 3D welcome
3) Artist will set initial bid price. Artists will receive the initial bid price if selected by a bidder. Any bids over the initial bid would go to the scholarship fund.
4) Art needs to be dropped off the day of the event. Time TBD. Art not sold will be picked by artist (will notify when). No long term storage will be available.
5) Send an email with a jpeg of art you want to put in auction along with Title, Size, Medium and Your initial bid price. Include all your contact info: full name, address, email, phone, website.
Put Silent Art Auction in the subject line
6) We will also have the auction images promoted on website and social media.
We are also seeking a few volunteers who would help run the auction the night of the event.
Thank You,

Janice Williams